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1. Higher quality but lower price
BPO, or Business Process Outsourcing. Outsourcing the repetitive non-core or core production process to professional suppliers, reduce cost; improve service at the same time. Can concentrate on control of the company's core technology, achieve high-end products positioning as well as understand the whole industry chain deeply in BPO.

2. Complete solution, meet individual requirements
We thoughtfully consider from the initial design to material and supplier selection, from the main parts to one wire or even a screw. Combination local geographical, climatic characteristics, as well as factors such as regional culture in of product design, and fully customized to meet the requirements.

3. Resource integration, provide you with the most satisfied products
We have accumulated thousands of solar manufacturers, hundreds of friendly cooperator, we will continue the accumulation.

4. Professional technique, quality assurance
Control the quality from the source, professional product engineers and sales engineers make checks at all levels.

5."One to one" heart to heart service

Sales representative serve for five clients only. We look forward the continuing long-term services for you, but not just one or two times' co-operation.

6. Perfect after-sales service
24-hour designated telephone number, e-mail and customer manager

7. ERP management
All management runs through pre-sale, sales, after- sale strictly in accordance with the ERP.
Standardization,Atumization,Vitrification,Definite Responsibility,More Optimized Flow