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On-grid solar power system application:

On-grid solar power system is converting solar energy into families can use AC power system.
Solar power system composition and function
On-grid solar power system,through the solar into electricity,without a battery storage,grid-connected inverter directly into electricity  grid brought.Grid-connected solar photovoltaic power generation is the development direction represents the most attractive in the 21st century energy utilization technologies.Grid-connected inverter with maximum power point tracking technology,to maximize the photovoltaic cells to convert electrical energy into the grid.
Grid-connected PV system consists of PV modules,grid-connected inverter,metering devices and distribution system components.solar energy through pv modules into DC power,and through the grid-connected inverter with the DC power can be converted into the same frequency,in-phase sine wave current,part of the load to the local power supply,surplus electricity fed into the grid.Grid-connected inverter internal power regulator will be issued by the solar cells to maximize the power back to the grid,because grid itself can absorb the tremendous energy.therefore,no additional battery power system network,thereby saving system investment,reduce maintenance,with broad application propects.