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Off-grid solar power system wide application
Off-grid solar power system to provide you with all the necessary power consumption,especially for mountain villages without electricity,schools,hospitals,private homes,border islands,military and overseas operations and so on.
Off-grid solar power generation system consists of solar panels,solar controller,batteries(group).Sch us the output power supply for AC220V or 110V,also need to configure inverter.The role of the various parts as follows:
Solar panels:solar panels is the central part of the whole solar power system,its function is converted the solar energy into electrical,or to the battery is stored up,or promote the work load.
Solar controller:its role is to control the entire system working state,and played off battery charge protection,overdischarge protection role.controller also has temperature compensation function.other additional features such as light-control switch,when the control switch.
Batteries:the role is when there is light emitted by solar panels save energy,to be released when needed.
Inverter:when the need to provide 220VAC,110VAC...ac power.due to the direct output of solar panels are generally 12VDC,24VDC....... In order to provide electrical power to the ac electrical needs to be issued by the solar power system to convert DC to AC current,so need to use the DC-AC inverter.In some cases,need to use a variety of voltage load,but also used in DC-DC inverter,if the 24VDC to 5VDC power converted into electrical energy(note that is not a simple step-down).